Your Choice of Tooth Fairy Pillows

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Product Description


~~~~~~Look threw our site, see a fabric you like on any of items we offer, we can more then likely make your pillow out of that fabric for you~~~~~~~~~~

These are just the cutest Tooth Fairy Pillows, each one is different... they are all 3" X 5" or bigger... You can order by using the number attached to each pillow.
Please remember that these are all made at time of order and placement of fabric may vary slightly.

Each tooth applique is the pocket as shown for holding the tooth then the surprise that the Tooth Fairy leaves for your child. :) :)

Each one can also be personalized with your child's name on the back of the pillow for only $2.00 more.

Discount for multiply order, Get them for all your kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids...

Your Choice of Tooth Fairy Pillows

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